The 5 ISTE 2019 Learning Opportunities We’re Most Excited About

It’s almost time for one of the most popular edtech conferences of the year—ISTE. Teachers, principals, technology directors, and instructional technology coaches are just some of the professionals the event brings together.

Attendees are busy packing their bags and carefully looking through the program, which boasts over 2,000 learning opportunities. Here are the five learning opportunities the team at SnapStream Edu is most excited about.

1. When are Facts Not Facts? Media Literacy in 2019 

Sunday, June 23, 3:00–4:00 pm
Location: Terrace Ballroom IV, Level 4

Misinformation and disinformation are rampant online. Some well-known examples include misleading or incorrect political claims. Also alarming? A 2016 study from Stanford’s Graduate School of Education found that students across the United States have poor ability when it comes to assessing fake news. 

Presenter Susan Brooks-Young wants to teach educators strategies both they and their students can use to identify misinformation and disinformation on the internet. 

She tells SnapStream Edu in an email that she hopes people who go to her session will leave with “the realization that current issues with online disinformation are not going to be solved with technology-based solutions.” She argues that ultimately, people “need to develop the skills required to be critical consumers of media.” 

2. Get Lit! Digital Literacy in the K-12 Classroom

Sunday, June 23, 3:00–4:00 pm
Location: 120BC

Nowadays, teachers have resources like podcasts, videos, and infographics at their fingertips. They can add such resources to their classes and help their students build digital literacy

Presenter Ana Hale will cover strategies for effectively teaching with digital media. She’ll also discuss free tools educators can use to enrich their lessons. 

3. Digital Storytelling and Digital Literacy: Using Video to Demonstrate Learning

Monday, June 24, 8:30–9:30 am
Location: 122B

Video in the classroom can help students develop their critical thinking skills, become acquainted with different languages and cultures, and stay engaged in class

Jennifer Leban will show participants the variety of video tools, styles, and formats they can use in their classrooms. She’ll outline different ways they can create digital stories. Digital stories, Leban believes, can help teachers incorporate personalized learning and student choice in their lessons. 

4. Using Memes in the Classroom

Tuesday, June 25, 1:45–2:45 pm
Location: 125

There are so many different memes floating around on the web, from Doge to the World Record Egg.

Sharon Serano thinks memes can also have a place in the classroom—teachers can use them to supplement their lessons, or encourage students to contribute to units. As part of her workshop, she’ll have attendees separate into small groups to brainstorm and make memes.  

5. How Social Media Can Make Learning in the Elementary Classroom a Blast! 

Tuesday, June 25, 4:00–6:00 p
Location: Posters: Level 4, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table 5

Social media can be a powerful learning tool. It can help students connect with and learn about people from different parts of the country and world. 

Presenters Beth Hamlin and Julie Stewart want educators to know that it’s easy to start incorporating social media into their elementary school curriculums. They’ll share their personal experiences using social media to help their students learn, and give people ideas they can use in their own classrooms. 

About SnapStream Edu: SnapStream Edu provides schools with technology so they can easily stream live morning announcements to the classroom. Once SnapStream Edu is installed on a school’s network, teachers can use any camera or iPad to start a live stream. SnapStream Edu can also be used to distribute broadcast TV (like PBS and CNN) over the network to the classroom. Teachers can use SnapStream Edu’s built-in search engine to find clips they want to use in their lessons. To learn more, visit our booth (#959) at #ISTE19 or read about us on our website. And if you haven’t already, take our survey on the state of morning announcements for a chance to win a free studio kit for your school. 

SnapStream booth at ISTE 2019

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